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Soccer Day by Sean

Soccer Day by Sean

Yesterday we had to do school because we skipped a week of school when we were at Iguacu Falls. After school, me, my Dad and Colin went to the park. Me and Colin wore our cleats and our Neymar Jr. jerseys. When we left our plan was to go to the park with the soccer goals, so we started with soccer.  I juked my Dad and some other kids like a million times.

This is a picture of me and Colin dabbing.



After soccer, we went around the lagoon on bikes. We had done it once before and this time it was less tiring because we raised the seat higher so my legs and arms didn’t hurt. It also had a different bell than the other bike. It was basically the same bike otherwise.

After we went around the lagoon I was climbing a tree and I tried to put my foot on a branch and I stepped on the side of my thigh with my cleats. It hurt and it made a purple spot. We played more soccer.

Then we went to a mini museum. I was like “yeah, that was fun.” My Dad took a few pictures of what we saw at the museum.


(My Dad says this one is Brasilia in 1960)


(This one is Rio in the 1880s)


Today is Sunday and it’s pouring so we’ll probably go to a movie or a museum. I hope we go to a movie.

Tchau Tchau