Care for a dip in an active volcano?

My parents have had a lot of crazy ideas but none of them as crazy as taking us innocent little children into an active volcano.    It was kind of weird, we just woke up one morning and they said “we’re going in a volcano.”   No need to worry though, it was a mud volcano. It took about 45 minutes to get there and we drove to it in a private van.  When we got there we bought our tickets to go in the volcano.  To get to the entrance to the volcano we had to go up a staircase which was about 60 feet high.  Once we walked to the top of the volcano we slowly lowered ourselves into the mud.  It was really weird, you couldn’t sink even if you tried.



The mud felt kind of good but mostly weird plus it went 2,000 meters down. It was so weird that at one point my mom said that it felt like we were taking a bath in really thick chocolate pudding.





When we got out of the mud we went down to the lagoon to wash off.  After we got most of the mud out of our hair and stuff, we went to change into dry clothes for the ride home.  On the ride home we got one cookie each, they were chocolate chip.  By the time we got there we were done with the cookies and ready to relax.


(by Cecelia)

3 thoughts on “Care for a dip in an active volcano?

  1. Dear Cecelia, I enjoyed the tale of your family going volcano-dipping. When I got your email, I had just made a bowl of chocolate pudding! When I take it to your cousins’ home for dessert, I’ll show them the photo of you all swimming in “chocolate pudding.” Love, Aunt Martha

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