Cecelia’s day in Rio, aka “the ice cream tragedy”

Cecelia’s day in Rio, aka “the ice cream tragedy”

Yesterday was a normal Friday and just like every other weekday we started with another “exciting” day of home school. After home school, we walked to the subway station that was far from our house instead of the close one because “someone” (aka my Dad) didn’t know that the closer station was open. We got on the subway and took it to the Museum of Modern Art and we wrote our names in charcoal on a huge screen that was outside the museum. Even though the boys didn’t want to go to a museum, my Dad told us that if we acted with good behavior, we could get an ice cream cone afterwards.


One of the cool things in the museum (a lot of it was boring) was a room full of charcoal mobiles and the guy who worked at the museum said it was OK to bump them but not to touch them. So, my Dad kept bumping them on purpose. 🙂


Another thing that was fun was that there was a statue of a huge toilet paper roll that we climbed on and ran up and down.  In this picture, Colin and I are sitting on the top.


Another thing that was kind of funny and kind of iffy was that there was a really cool looking spiral staircase but the railing was just a pole to hold on to, but the funny and iffy part was that the railings were at least three feet apart so I was worried the boys could fall through it.


After the museum, we took a cab to a staircase.We thought it was already time for ice cream because we were mostly good while we were at the museum. Part of the time in the museum, I even held on to Sean’s body so that he would not go insane.We couldn’t believe our parents actually made us go to a staircase. While we were on the staircase we slid down ‘slides’ that were actually the sides of the staircase, it was really fun. There were also a bunch of tiles from places all over the world and it was really cool to see that.





After the staircase, it was really time for ice cream, but our parents said we had to wait until after dinner. For dinner we went to a pizza restaurant in Botafogo. After pizza, we finally got on the subway to go back to Ipanema because my Dad thought he knew where to get the best ice cream in all of Rio.

When we got to where the ice cream store was supposed to be, it was gone, but the good news was that it had just moved across the street. Now the not ice cream tragedy, it was gelato noooooooo0!!!!!!!!!!! wait there’s more, there were no cones dun dun duuuuun!!!!!!!!! But it was still yummy and we also got three flavors!!!!!!! THE END:)


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