Getting the hang of (some) things

Getting the hang of (some) things

On Friday night, the entire family slept for 12 solid hours.  Thanks goodness. Feeling much more human, we exited our apartment in the Ipanema neighborhood around 1:30PM to the bright sun and bustle of the local Cariocas out for their Saturday errands and shopping. Around the corner, we discovered a ‘farmer’s market’ type of situation, with fruit, vegetables, flowers, plants, and to the kids’ delight (not), every part of a chicken you could imagine. Not quite ready for truly local shopping, we headed to our current favorite corner spot “Polis Sucos,” which is a juice bar (including “boosts”) that also happens to serve chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, and of course, filet mignon.

On our path to becoming more comfortable in the local ‘hood, some of the terrain we’ve covered in the past few days includes:

  • Buying groceries at the local grocery store (and trying to figure out how to keep the family (mostly Jim) nourished since peanut butter costs more per ounce than the aforementioned filet mignon)
  • Finding a good ‘local’ that has food we all like, shows the world cup qualifying matches, and serves all 4 local cerjevas (which, truth be told, as far as we can tell are the exact same beer in 4 different cans)
  • Purchased 2 soccer balls so that we can work on our moves before we start challenging the locals 😉
  • Walked the strip between Ipanema and Copacabana, soaking in the local customs and styles



  • Got a sarong, because we were the ONLY people at the praia Ipanema with towels


Today was our first day of homeschooling too! The first ever lessons of the Lutz-a Learning Academy, Inc. (a Delaware corporation) began this morning at 10AM local time. (Cecelia and Jim named our school). We planned to start earlier, but one of the instructors, (his name starts with a “J”;0), overslept.  In addition to reading, writing, science, and math, our daily instruction will include circle time, “phrase/word of the day,” yoga, cooking, music (we started shopping for percussion instruments for our samba band at the flea market yesterday), and of course, MANY field trips.


Today’s ever-important phrase of the day was: Eu tenho que ir ao banheiro.  A good one for all of us to know.  For homework, we’re all going to practice using it at home and while we’re out and about this week.

Today’s field trip will be a bus ride (first one!) to the Rio botanical garden, giving us a good short tour of the surrounding area and introduction to ~6500 flora and fauna species 🙂

Of course, no one ever said it’d be all caipirinhas and rainbows…we’ve had a few stumbles this week and are sure to have some more.  Some of the coisas this week that have dampened our rainbows temporarily:

  • Basic things take more time when you don’t speak the language
  • Drinking water doesn’t come out of the taps-we’re getting used to planning ahead with water
  • You don’t put toilet paper in the toilet-it goes in the trash (we’re learning)
  • New food can be intimidating (and yucky when your parents make you try it)
  • We are not the best futebol players on the beach (but we’re going to work on it!)

Tchau for now!

Happy Labor Day 🙂



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